Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wisconsin farmers: Do you use social media to build relationships?

I like to hear how various businesses are using social media. I believe that building relationships is one of the key attributes of a successful business and social media as a channel can help us. Farmers are no exception. t Chris Chinn, a hog farmer in Missouri, who uses it in their farm business is what Wisconsin Farmers need to hear and adapt to their own efforts. I like that she spends about 20 minutes daily on the task. This goes along with the initiative that I support as well. This initiative encourages users to work at social business relationships 20 minutes per day or 20 minutes per week as a starting point.

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Social Media 'Agvocate' Chinn Shares her Story at YFA Conference

Chinn, reaching out to consumers through social media is just one of her many
dairy chores at her family’s hog farm. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or
YouTube, the fifth-generation farmer figures she spends about 20 minutes per day
reaching out to consumers fromNew
to Los Angeles from the
computer on her farm in Shelby County, Missouri.

“My key message is that we care as farmers,” said Chinn, who will let other Young Farmers & Agriculturists know how to channel their passion for farming via social media at the conference.


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