Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SMB demand ROI for social media - all they have is social media

Convince and Convert by Jay Baer is one of the blogs that feeds my home page on Google. This recent guest post caught my eye and especially the quote by Simon Gornick. Helping my clients measure and track social media so they understand the success or lack there of is important. However, if they aren't measuring and tracking current marketing efforts, why are they so worried about social media. An ad costs more!`

How Size Matters in the Social Media ROI Debate

Simon Gornick How Size Matters in the Social Media ROI DebateGuest post by Simon Gornick, a content consultant specializing in short form slogans, and owner of The Tagline Machine.

ROI in social media is a luxury. And the only brands that can accept that are likely to be big ones with multi-platform marketing budgets. The larger the brand, the more likely they are to use social media without concerning themselves with its dollar ROI, when goodwill for them, is priceless. With mid-level brands the debate becomes more acute because the marketing budget is more thinly spread. And as for small brands, there’s no debate at all. For the most part, all they have is social media – so ROI is a matter of hope rather than measurable statistics.

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