Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wisconsin proves it is biking nirvana one city at a time!

Wisconsin is the North American Biking Capital. I am supporting the rumor and will do my part to make it a reality. We have an avid racing community, companies like Trek Bicycle and Waterford residing in the state, an abundance of bike tours in the state and communities focused on fitness and the health benefits of biking. We believe in embracing biking. We have to work to have more schools and cities like those in Omro WI.

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Bicycling Paradise

What places do you think of when you hear "bicycling paradise"? Portland, Oregon? Copenhagen, Denmark?

Well, we have a bicycling paradise in our own backyard: Omro, Wisconsin.

Why such accolades? Omro Middle School has woven bicycling into almost every facet of the school day.

Physical education teacher Joe Horvath and Principal Paul Williams have worked with a supportive community to create bicycling options before, during, and after school.

Features of the school's bike-friendly approach include:

  • a noon recess riding program
  • an in-school bike shop
  • a nearby community fitness trail
omro cyclocross class
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