Sunday, November 28, 2010

B2B Companies take note of some social media starting points

I am not surprised to find LinkedIn at the top of this list. I am surprised that Delicious and Slideshare are not here. These are too sites that can help with research, thought leadership connection points and networking at a very niche level. Have you used Slideshare that way?

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B2B Social Sales Facts & Figures

Most popular social media sites for generating B2B traffic:
  1. LinkedIn 17,618
  1. Reddit 11,968
  1. Wikipedia 10,944
  1. Twitter 6,170
  1. Facebook 4,455
  1. StumbleUpon 2,557

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I never really thought about my bicycle and my image before

My husband has been rebuilding two motorcycles this summer.  I would much prefer that he spend time biking with me. Next summer I plan to sign he and I up for several bike tours in Wisconsin. In the meantime, the motorcycles are cafe racers (Honda '75 and 82 CB750 customs.  My bike is a Trek Pilot. I am still trying to figure out if that means we are compatible after 26 years.

What Your Motorcycle Says
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jennifer Stinnet has an Aha moment at Disney Institute event.

Disney Institute is the educational arm of Walt Disney Company. Several business associates of mine attended and have written blog posts on their take always from the event. Jennifer has a Business Blog and also blogs about wine.

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When the priority of a brand or business is all about the customer and not the bottom dollar or business itself, it can be pretty impressive. One of my aha moments of this seminar was the question that the Disney Theme Parks receiving pretty regularly, which is: “What time is the 3 O’Clock parade?”. How many of your employees or even yourself included would roll your eyes at that and utter .. “seriously?” or smile and say ” ummm… 3 O’Clock”. What Disney however, has educated their staff to understand that while the question may come to them as “What time is the 3 O’Clock parade?” the REAL answer to this question is “You may want to get to a great spot by 2:45 and if you can, find a place right in front of the ice cream parlor. The view for your pictures will be fantastic with the Cinderella castle in the background. Also — you’ll be close to ice cream on this hot day.” What a fabulous response.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Taking your time might actually get you the results you want

I interviewed Cassie Graper, Director of Media Production at Angel MedFlight a few weeks back and just posted on my blog about it. Be sure to check out the chart showing the steady growth in traffic on the website.

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Medical air travel organization using social media to get results

by Wendy Soucie on November 15, 2010[edit]

Can one Green Bay WI native deal with the heat and solve a business problem in Arizona? Picture this scenario – you provide a service that is not needed every

day, in fact, it might only be once in a lifetime. How do you educate the public about your service, gain trust and stay at top of mind? Would you consider using social media?

Loading patient on airplane for flight - Photo provided by Angel MedFlight -
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Like sarcasm while learning the do and don'ts of social media?

PC mag has a an article out on Facebook behavoir that you might want to read and validate what you might be doing in that space.

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How to Be a Jerk on Facebook

You have lots of great, interesting friends on the leading social network. Here's how to lose them.

It's not hard to make friends, at least on Facebook, where friendship doesn't cost more than a click. But now that you've amassed such a digital clique, you want to keep them. Right? Okay, maybe not. Maybe you want to test them. You want to push the limits of this so-called friendship you've established online with someone you met once at a party. Well, have we got some tips for you. Below are 12 steps you can take on a regular basis on Facebook that will surely send people screaming toward the "hide" button, if not directly to the "Remove from Friends" link.