Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eric Schramm and Mark Evans of BikeWisconsin | Social Media Works

After attending the recent National Bicycle Tour Directors Association Conference,I have a new respect for directors of any athletic event, but especially bicycling. I met people from all over the United States and Puerto Rico who are organizing non profit and for profit rides in great places. Some of them are day long, some multi day like the La Vuelta Puerto Rico ( which a three day bike ride around Puerto Rico.

My favorite of course is Bike Wisconsin and the three multi-day rides they host in Wisconsin each year. I have enjoyed talking to Mark Evans, Kathy Schramm and Eric Schramm about how they market today and how they can use social media to share the experience of their tours. They have been listening as one can see by the activity on their Facebook pages: Bike Wisconsin, Sagbraw, GRABRAAWR, Bike Northwoods tours.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Easy Business Blogging

Bryan Bliss will be our Video Blogger at the next Social Media Breakfast Madison event on 12/15/2010. RSVP for this free event at

I like 60 min but maybe they did miss the boat on this one

Enough already with Facebook. Why can't they be quiet and do no evil like Google.

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How Mark Zuckerberg Fooled ‘60 Minutes’

Zuckerberg’s transformation over the years from awkward dweeb to telegenic smoothie is really extraordinary. Whoever is coaching him should be handsomely rewarded. It’s almost too dramatic a change, as if he’s had a chip implanted in his brain or replaced himself with a more TV-friendly clone.