Saturday, January 30, 2010

Women's Curling Team USA - Badger Hockey Game

Tracy Sachtjen and her team mates ran a curling contest on the ice during the University of WI Men's Badger Hockey Game.

They are doing some great things to draw awareness to the sport, get more visiblity using Youtube and engaging the crowd. Full house at this game at the Kohl Center.

From a marketing perspective - all eyes were captured unless you were in the bathroom during the period break.

What other marketing and social media effort would you suggest for this sport?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Even the USA Curling Team uses social media: Tracy Sachtjen - Lodi's own champion

Tracy Sachtjen is a sports and events coordinator for the YMCA and the Lodi (Wis.) School District who is making her first Olympic appearance at age 40. She was twice runner-up at the Olympic trials before earning her spot this time around.

* Five-time U.S. champion
* Three-time U.S. junior champion
* 2003 world champion

I interviewed Tracy about how the team was using social media to stay in touch over the next month while training and competing. I will post many of those interview minutes here at my Network Mindshare - WI Social Media Blog, also on Madison WI edition.

In addition, even Tracy's 9 year old son and 3/4 grade classroom are getting into the frenzy, because they will be doing Skype interviews during the event of the athletes.

This was a lot of fun and there are many ways we can follow and support the team during the Olympics. is covering a blog from Nicole Joraanstad (twitter @nicCurl)

Tracy Sachtjen and Chris Plys (USA men's Olympic Curling Team) are blogging on

Natalie Nicholson is blogging for her Bemidji Minn Newspaper

They have a Fan Page on Facebook - Fans of 2010 USA Women's Curling Team,

And Tracy Sachtjen, Nicole Joraanstad, Natalie Nicholson, and Allison Pottinger have facebook pages you can look for.

What event will you be watching during the Olympics?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

reBlog from Kyle Lacy, Social Media – Indianapolis

I found this fascinating quote today:

Some would say that Foursquare has blasted into the scene of location based social networking applications with a vengeance. I would tend to agree with that sentiment. The best way to describe the service is to actually use the source. From the Foursquare, Kyle Lacy, Social Media – Indianapolis, Jan 2010

You should read the whole article.

Madison is on Foursquare!

I have been doing some research on Foursquare as a local search function to drive business for a few clients.  Last week, I heard about a unique instance of using Foursquare from Matt Stehling, Ecommerce Director at Midwest Airlines.

Matt Stehling, who was at a restaurant when a business consultant from Milwaukee checked in on Foursquare and was apparently at the same restaurant.  His luncheon partner was anxious to meet this contact. Since Matt received a direct message of where she was at, he walked his friend over to her table and introduced them immediately.

I think you will be seeing me use this little tool in the month of February while I finish my due diligence.  I will have to see if the ease of use on the run serves its intended purpose.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

reblog from Kivi's Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog � Blog Archive � How to Get Top Mileage Out of Your Best Stories: "Nonprofits have great stories to tell — and telling them well is what brings in more support, whether it be cash, volunteers, new partners or political help. But writing up all of those stories and formatting them for publication can be time-consuming."

Very good post on using regular media and print to get mileage on non profit success stories. I think it totally misses the boat on social media opportunities.

Here are 6 Social Media Ideas To Get Uber Mileage From Your Stories

For board members who are business professional on LinkedIn:

1. Ask them to post a status update of the story on their profile with a short link to the web page.

2. Great a pdf of the post or story and ask people to add as a application on their profile.

3. create a simple PowerPoint with visuals and bullet points. If you are really clever add a video clip. Upload to and then have your business professionals add the Slideshare application to their profile.

4. If the article runs as a news story, online newsletter, or blog, ask people to add the story as a news post in their LinkedIn groups.

5. If anyone has a blog, encourage them to reblog the post using Blogthis! or PressThis applications and just link to your page.

6. Create a video clip of someone talking about the story or even reading it. Build a organization profile on Youtube, upload the video and point your members to the page to view, vote and share.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

reBlog from

I found this fascinating quote today:

As a Black Diamond Consultant with the Social Media Academy I am one of the great line up of  speakers with Catherine Sherwood and Axel Schultze to talk about the NCP Model. Networking, contribution and participation are critical to the social ecosystem and the Social Media Academy teaches a particular process for assessment and the NCP

You should read the whole article.