Tuesday, January 26, 2010

reblog from Kivi's Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog � Blog Archive � How to Get Top Mileage Out of Your Best Stories: "Nonprofits have great stories to tell — and telling them well is what brings in more support, whether it be cash, volunteers, new partners or political help. But writing up all of those stories and formatting them for publication can be time-consuming."

Very good post on using regular media and print to get mileage on non profit success stories. I think it totally misses the boat on social media opportunities.

Here are 6 Social Media Ideas To Get Uber Mileage From Your Stories

For board members who are business professional on LinkedIn:

1. Ask them to post a status update of the story on their profile with a short link to the web page.

2. Great a pdf of the post or story and ask people to add as a box.net application on their profile.

3. create a simple PowerPoint with visuals and bullet points. If you are really clever add a video clip. Upload to Slideshare.net and then have your business professionals add the Slideshare application to their profile.

4. If the article runs as a news story, online newsletter, or blog, ask people to add the story as a news post in their LinkedIn groups.

5. If anyone has a blog, encourage them to reblog the post using Blogthis! or PressThis applications and just link to your page.

6. Create a video clip of someone talking about the story or even reading it. Build a organization profile on Youtube, upload the video and point your members to the page to view, vote and share.

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