Thursday, November 11, 2010

Like sarcasm while learning the do and don'ts of social media?

PC mag has a an article out on Facebook behavoir that you might want to read and validate what you might be doing in that space.

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How to Be a Jerk on Facebook

You have lots of great, interesting friends on the leading social network. Here's how to lose them.

It's not hard to make friends, at least on Facebook, where friendship doesn't cost more than a click. But now that you've amassed such a digital clique, you want to keep them. Right? Okay, maybe not. Maybe you want to test them. You want to push the limits of this so-called friendship you've established online with someone you met once at a party. Well, have we got some tips for you. Below are 12 steps you can take on a regular basis on Facebook that will surely send people screaming toward the "hide" button, if not directly to the "Remove from Friends" link.


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