Sunday, October 17, 2010

My favorite technology tool is going away - Alas Goog411

This was one of my favorite tools I used in my car, for presentations, and for local search. I loved that fact that I was hands free on my phone, in my car and could call ahead to a place I was going if the number wasn't already in my contacts. I usually understand many of the issues on technology changes. In this case I would agree with NYTimes writer David Pogue in feeling like Google should keep this service going. I think its an incentive for people to use Google Places. Did you ever use it? Have you tried the Bing411 alternative?

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Farewell, GOOG-411

On Nov. 12, Google will turn off 800-GOOG-411 forever.

It was one of the best, juiciest, most useful services in all phonedom. It didn’t cost anything. It didn’t require a smartphone. Its accuracy was uncanny.

In case you missed it, GOOG-411 is a free, voice-activated directory-assistance service. You say the business name or category you want—“Freestyle Gym,” “taxi,” “Sakura restaurant,” “hospital,” whatever — and the city and state. In one second, the guy’s voice starts reading a list of the best eight results.


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