Friday, October 15, 2010

Wisconsin leading with Dairyland Initiative and social media

Always exciting to point out that the agriculture industry is taking forward steps to make web technology work for them. Wisconsin is leading the way with this recent initiative for animal housing design. uses web based technology and social media venues for sharing of content with farmers.

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Dairyland Initiative Focuses Barn Design On Dairy Cattle Well-Being & Productivity
The Dairyland Initiative, developed by Drs. Nigel Cook and Ken Nordlund at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison, combines the most relevant research in health, production and behavior with years of field experience in housing design into a web-based information center and building plan assessment program is a comprehensive resource, beginning with building decision trees – called the ‘Wisconsin Blueprint' – for adult cattle and heifer housing, utilizing the most up-to-date standards for design. Virtual tours provide interactive guides of new facilities, including floor plans, stall dimensions, photographs, key performance measures, and streaming video, providing farmers and their teams the opportunity to see and decide what to build from the comfort of the farm office. Barn plans may then be submitted for a ‘Cow or Calf Comfort Risk Assessment,’ performed for a nominal fee. Recommendations are returned to the management team, pointing out areas of high risk to consider changing before the barn is built.

Participating lenders, construction companies, and consultants are listed to connect farmers with businesses and people that believe in the benefit of welfare-friendly dairy cattle housing. Participating businesses will be invited to share in discussing and improving the housing guidelines and standards through annual meetings and social media venues.Read more at

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