Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wrap up to my social media campaign for Disney Institute

Its been a wild three month working on the event promotion for the recent Disney Institute program - Disney's Approach to Quality Service. This article from CustomerThink and the included video are a nice finish. Don't believe the restrictions that others put on you. We don't get a mulagan on life, so don't hold back.

I learned alot about both traditional and social media event promotion. Not all of it worked well, but if we don't try new things we will likely get the same old results. Heres the video link

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Walt understood the power of the unexpected extra

walt disney

Perhaps one of the best examples of Walt’s obsession for “plussing” comes from Disney historian Les Perkins’ account of an incident that took place at Disneyland during the early years of the park. Walt had decided to hold a Christmas parade at the new park at a cost of $350,000. Walt’s accountants approached him and besieged him to not spend money on an extravagant Christmas parade because the people would already be there. Nobody would complain, they reasoned, if they dispensed with the parade because nobody would be expecting it.

Walt’s reply to his accountants is classic: “That’s just the point,” he said. “We should do the parade precisely because no one’s expecting it. Our goal at Disneyland is to always give the people more than they expect. As long as we keep surprising them, they’ll keep coming back. But if they ever stop coming, it’ll cost us ten times that much to get them to come back.”

Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra) – Pat Williams talks about EPCOT in the video below.  99.9% of folks have no clue what EPCOT stands for.  Since I’m an acronym hound I’ll let you in on some trivia.  If you’ve visited the park this will make perfect sense . . . Every Person Comes Out Tired*.  Enjoy the video.

Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow

*Here is the real translation of EPCOT: