Sunday, September 5, 2010

Disney Institute program a success in Madison

The comments and emails are coming in now as the attendees in the recent Disney's Approach to Quality Service program held on August 30th in Madison have a chance to take a breath and evaluate the great learning experience they had with the Disney Institute trainers.

The group was diverse in terms of industry. Healthcare services, accounting, professional engineering services, non profits, Fortune 500 e-commerce, mining equipment company, sales consulting, social media consultant, pharmacy, motorcycle manufacturer, hospitality/resort military, medical provider and others gave the group a variety of opinions on service.

About 30% of the group had been to a Disney facility in the past. About 30% had some previous customer service or quality training in the past. While some were anxious to see a few more examples of how other business fully integrated the Disney Institute principles into their businesses, most were quite content to absorb each and every Disney example, picture, movie clip and point on how they make every touch point of the Disney experience a magical one for every guest.

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Service Quality,

Disney Style

by Scott Madison Paton

Can Mickey Mouse teach corporate
America new quality lessons?
Quality Digest
takes a
look behind
the scenes at Walt Disney World.

It's hard to imagine a place more magical than
Walt Disney World. The central Florida theme park continues to
thrill, delight and exceed its guests' expectations more than 25
years after its opening.

Walt Disney World's recent 25th anniversary celebration provided
Quality Digest with a sneak peek behind the scenes. A peek that
provided the answer to the secret of Disney's success--one that
Disney is now willing to share with outsiders through its new Disney

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