Friday, September 10, 2010

Can engineers be social? Using social media to tell your story

I found this post and it really hit home. I have struggled for a while about how to incorporate my stories from spending 30 years calling on various industries in the manufacturing and technical service areas. I guess this post is telling me to go ahead and start telling them. So maybe I will start with the one about shutting Harley Davidson manufacturing down when I was 9 months pregnant....

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Social media — now for engineers too!

If connections are the “how” we are present in social media, our stories are the “why” our connections listen to us. Making connections and telling stories is something I can relate to.

Everyone wants to tell stories about what they do.  Some are better at it than others, some speak more freely than others, but pretty much everyone wants to make a connection and tell stories about themselves and what they do.  It’s the nature of humans as social creatures and the fundamental basis for establishing a relationship, work and non-work-related.

Which brings me back to social media, from an industrial perspective.

Those of us engaged in the industrial world have stories to tell, too.  I do.  I’ll shamelessly plug that I’m working to bring about an industrial renaissance in America, and see that telling those stories through the social web might be just the way to get things started.   I’m an engineer, here in the social media world, learning to make connections, tell my stories, and make things happen.  Hopefully, there will be people (maybe even you?) who will gradually hear about my ideas, become interested, connect with me and start a journey together.


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