Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another verification that engineers know how to have fun!

I wish we had this idea when I was in college to show case Engineering week. This event at Washington University in St. Louis was sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers is part of Engineering Week (EnWeek) and the larger efforts of engineering student groups to promote their field and show the entire student body that engineers really do know how to have a good time. I think Mr Wright got robbed of a title.

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Male engineers showcase talent and beauty in EnPageant

To the unknowing passerby, the rowdy scene in McMillan Café on Wednesday evening might have resembled an unrehearsed, B-rated drag show.

But the seven young men strutting around in dresses were no drag queens—they were contestants in the Mr. Engineering Pageant (EnPageant).

“I think [EnPageant] represents the spirit of engineering and that our students will get out there and have fun,” said Melanie Osborn, assistant dean in the engineering school and one of the pageant’s five judges.

Mr. Computer Science was crowned with a tiara lined with pink fuzz, and handed a bouquet of plastic flowers. The runner-up was Wright, Mr. Mechanical Engineering.


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