Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finding B2B & Manufacturing Companies using social media is hard

I am on a mission to find Manufacturers in the B2B space and create good case study for future presentation. Here is one in Canada, Williams and White. This is heavy duty manufacturing.

Can I write about you and how your company uses social media in my presentations? I speak at least once per month all over the midwest to groups of 50 - 200 people. Let me share your stories with social media.

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Williams and White, Burnaby B.C.

Manufacturing Meets Social Media

B.C. manufacturer and custom machine shop Williams and White is stepping outside traditional marketing boundaries and entering the online world of social media

In the boardroom at Williams and White, Burnaby B.C., more is discussed than just business trends, the value of the dollar, and how the shop is running. This is a manufacturing company that has added social media to its marketing program, a move that is not exactly revolutionary, but is uncommon in most manufacturing businesses today.

No stranger to tradeshows and traditional marketing techniques, a few years ago the company took a step into social media through the use of a Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Twitter account.

“We would rather be a little ahead of the curve than a little behind the curve,” explained Williams and White CEO Justin Williams.

These three Web sites can be used to drive traffic to a company’s own corporate Web site and also augment traditional marketing methods.

YouTube allows people from all over the world to upload and store videos. While mainly known for its entertainment value, there are definitely business applications as well. Manufacturing businesses can use this Web site to store videos of their equipment in action and take viewers on virtual tours of their facilities to drive sales.

Component oil and gas sector
A component for the oil and gas sector is machined on Williams and White's vertical machining center, which is equipped with a 20-in. fourth axis.

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