Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What has your social media consultant taught you recently?

Axel Schultze is someone who challenges the status quo. His perspective on social media is not about the tools but social relationships. His understanding of Enterprise and SMB business recognizes that organizations are looking for methodology, frameworks and models that are repeatable for social media strategy to be cross departmental and adopted. I took a chance on some training with the Social Media Academy over a year ago when they were a new entity with a different approach to the understanding of social media in our business relationships. I made such a good choice as they are now recognized as the leading educational entity in the social media space.

The process and methodology delivered by Social Media Academy has provided me with the ability to work across several industries in my assessment work and create strategic and actionable plans.

Crossing the chasm

Taking Geoffrey Moor’s model of “Crossing the chasm” probably illustrates best where social media is going. Early adopters like Cisco, Comcast, Dell, Pepsi, Virgin, WholeFoods, Zappos and many others set the stage. The next generation social business development is no longer based on experiments but on clear understanding how social media can help businesses thrive. In order to cross the Social Media Chasm, consultants need to be able to make full fledged social media assessments, and develop a strategy based on proven models and frameworks. Social Media Consultants need to demonstrate that their methods, models and frameworks are transparent and repeatable. Cross functional social media engagements require robust social media organization models in order to create, develop and sustain an executable strategy. The ability to embed KPIs into a strategy, calculate an ROI for the engagement and introduce a long term business reporting model is no longer an option. Eyeballs and number of fans are no longer the meter for success but measurable customer advocacy which is represented by customer recommendations and has a direct correlation to incremental revenue.

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