Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to Get Customers and web traffic from Local Search

Today's topic at Social Media Breakfast Madison was on local search and presented by Seth Keeler (@skeeler68) of American Family Insurance. With over 5000 local agents across the country, American Family is providing a corporate service for local search to its agents targeted at Google Places first, while they consider and investigate Bing and Yahoo.

The effort is generally simple without needing to know html or web building at all. However understanding the keywords important to your customers and incorporating them into your profile is important. Overall the biggest advantage you have in getting started on your own local search campaign is 1) getting started and 2) completing your profile using all the features the directory has to offer. Then you can beat out the majority of users who do the bare minimum

For more information, Madison-based social media consultant, Bryan Bliss has written a true knowledge article on local search strategies that everyone can use. Bryan is thoughtful and true to his company name, "generous" in sharing his knowledge at local meetups, Social Media Breakfast Madison and in his programs, He is a great facilitator for the hands on workshops that he runs.

I hear he has created a program for effective multi directory profile building enabling him to post to 60 directories in 2 hours. This is worth the read and a call to Bryan if you want to hear more.

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