Thursday, August 26, 2010

Madison WI and American Family Insurance reap accolades

When I work with businesses on understanding social media, etiquette, commenting, and just being social they sometimes lose sight of how not to pitch products or services. They forget they are not the "niche" they should talk about. This post by Chris Brogan is one of the best examples I have seen of providing comments, kudos and recognition of others in the social space. It matters to me especially since I helped the team of people from Accelerate Madison, Social Media Club, and American Family promote the public side of Chris' visit to Madison. If you hesitate to contribute or participate in the social ecosystem because you don't know what to do. See what Chris has written in these short clips but visit the entire article to understand what he is saying about Enterprise level companies who are taking thoughtful and strategic steps with their social business efforts.

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American Family Insurance and Madison Wisconsin

The People of Madison Wisconsin

Miri McDonald Patti Cohen Jennifer Braun I met many wonderful and smart people in Madison, Wisconsin. For instance, all these photos were taken by the tireless Wendy Soucie, who had a spirit and drive that reminded me of my dear friend Whitney Hoffman. All of the people I met in Madison were that great blend of “real world tested” and “social media savvy.” Often times, I’ll get one but not the other. Neither is ever wrong, but when you get the blend, you recognize it and nod. (I felt this way about the social media people of Louisville, Kentucky, by the way.)

The people of Madison, Wisconsin are worth a visit, all on their own, but visiting American Family Insurance and learning how far they’ve come with their social media efforts and their amplification of learning (catch it, Troy?) meant that enterprise adoption of these tools is here for some, and spreading to the mainstream. Interesting times, friends.

Chris Brogan with Wendy Soucie and Hotdoggers Rachel and Tara
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