Monday, August 2, 2010

I like my phone, text and email in one place.

With the recent addition of Google Voice on my phone, I actually think I can be more responsive via phone than before I installed it. Now, if someone calls and I can't take the call, it goes to text, email and voicemail. I can respond to the text by clicking it and it goes right to a call. This saves me alot of thumb board time and I don't have to look up a number. As a "older" technology user, I can't agree that social media is killing my phone calls. Social media helps me make more calls when calls are appropriate. In fact a tool like makes it easier to develop fast and efficient social touchpoints when those are appropriate.

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Phone calls: An endangered species, killed off by s

Phone calls: An endangered species, killed off by social media?

Wired’s Clive Thompson argued the case that “cultural transition” was killing off the traditional phone call, replaced with with text messages, instant messaging and social networks.

I have suspected this for a while frankly, with many of my peers, student colleagues and friends though being connected to multiple networks, applications and even devices at any one point, struggle to perform a simple task like picking up a call when their phone starts to ring.

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