Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are Geeks the Epicenter of Social /Technology Innovation?

I never thought of myself as a geek even though I was an engineering student. I tried never to wear a pocket protector...

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Consumers Embrace Geekdom

'Geeks' are at the epicenter of social/technological innovation

July 27, 2010

- Mark Dolliver


It's a geek world these days, and non-geeks just live in it. With
new technology and the flow of information taking on unprecedented
importance for consumers en masse, people once derided as geeks now
find themselves at the vanguard of sweeping social change. And the
number of people who've internalized at least some geek
characteristics has grown to make them a majority of the online
population, according to a study from Geeknet, which owns and
operates such online geek venues as SourceForge and Slashdot. Its
report gives a detailed look at this cohort, which is embracing its
geekiness as never before.

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