Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lets figure the ROI of transparency and authenticity in social media

When the Red Cross made a mistake and tweeted something on the @Redcross account that was meant for another (benefits and challenges jof using multi tasking tools) They reacted according to a plan that understood something like this might happen someday.

Thanks for showing us what transparency, authenticity looks like in social media. We hear about acknowledging mistakes but more companies need to see what that looks like in practice.

Funny, you should track the ROI for the mistake by noting the number of Comments on this blog post (96), the number RT helping you correct, the surge in mentions of @redcross, and the related surge in blood donations and dogfish beer sold across the county during the same time. If you do that I can use that in all my social media presentation as an example of "when" not "if" something goes wrong in social media, the right action and the ROI that any company can really buy into.

AND I am going to donate some tweets and real blood to @redcross to help out here and in NZ for the earthquake.

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We realized our honest mistake (the Tweeter was not drunk) and deleted the above Tweet. We all know that it’s impossible to really delete a tweet like this, so we acknowledged our mistake:

In the meantime we found so many of you to be sympathetic and understanding.  While we’re a 130 year old humanitarian organization, we’re also made of up human beings. Thanks for not only getting that but for turning our faux pas into something good.

You immediately embraced this mix-up and many of you have pledged donations to the Red Cross:

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