Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Are you working for a company that blocks social media sites?

We love to hate them. Especially if you are the senior executives, IT manager, or business owner who is worried that your staff will spend more time socializing versus working.

The trouble with this perspective is that business owners need to empower employees to develop social business skills, and social business relationships. We need to have more varied touchpoints with clients and people we wish to have as clients. This audience needs to trust the business but since its very hard to trust an entity, we instead must realize the relationship must be a trust of our people.

Let your people use social media. Note that all 400,000 + employees are trusted to be on any website or social site at IBM.

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Access Denied

A new listing of the top 10 most-banned websites by businesses in 2010 prompts the question: Who decides which sites get blocked? And, as social sites are most often blacklisted, it's ironic that experts say such decisions should be made by a cross-functional group, not by a single department.
Facebook. MySpace. YouTube.
Three of the most popular websites on the Internet are also the three most-blocked sites by businesses in 2010, according to a new industry report.
The report is based, in part, on the firm's 30 billion queries it receives daily from users.

OpenDNS, a San Francisco-based provider of Internet navigation and security services, recently released its list of the top 10 most-banned websites by businesses in 2010 as part of its first-ever in-depth report on the topic, entitled 2010 Report on Web Content Filtering and Phishing (PDF).


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