Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trend for big business - global strategy

I think that many large businesses will begin to consolidate many disconnected "social media campaigns" and realize they need an overreaching strategy to truly transform their business for competitive advantage.

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: Soucie Becomes Founding Partner of Global Social Media Consultancy, Sobizco

Social media consultant Wendy Soucie stepped onto the world stage this week, as she entered into an agreement to become one of Social Business Consulting Group's (Sobizco) founding partners. Sobizco, a global social media and business consulting firm, is the brain child of co-founder Axel Schultze.

Schultze, who is also founder of the Social Media Academy says, "This group of 17 social business consultants covers the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific. Each is a certified social media strategist with hands-on industry experience from companies such as Oracle, Dell, Western Union, GE, Southwest Airlines, Rockwell, Symantec and Franklin Tempelton. These founding members have been selected for their expertise in applying social media to the goals of business and for their particular areas of specialization."

Social media has provided enormous economic benefits to businesses around the world, including growth in market share, brand reputation, improved customer experience, higher return on marketing investments and reduced support costs--all resulting from more engaged customers. Sobizco's services include social media auditing, strategy development and engagement planning, as well as technology consulting and a wide range of implementation services.


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