Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tales of the Bike Commuter: Episode 7: Just Coffee

NCP Model at work. This video is a great example of the NCP Model of the  Social Media Academy  by Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC
NCP stands for Network, Contribute, Participation. I connected with these wonderful people at Bike Wisconsin. I share with them several presentations to help their Wisconsin Tour Directors better understand how to use social media.  Giving presentations and posting online is one of the things I do to contribute value back to the social ecosystem.  
BikeWisconsin  (Eric Schramm and Mark Evans) in turn became more engaged and active on social media. They contributed back to their social ecosystem with this very fun blog with video pictures and text on bike commuting. I commented on the blog and asked questions and offered some suggestions. 
Bike Wisconsin shared the content back on this video which mentions me again.  I am enjoying sharing their succcess and fun blog back with my network. 
NCP Model works!
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