Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Soclal Media Networks - Building a strong presence with the right model

Following a good model to build a strong network on social media should be part of every Business to Business organization's strategy.  After assessing the environment, and creating a strategy that aligns with your business goals, you are ready to start building your networks. How do you start?

NCP Model 
I would like to share a recent presentation I did on a methodology and social ecosystem building.  I follow the Social Media Academy's NCP Model as part of my strategy and engagement on the social web.  As an alumni, certified social media consultant and Black Diamond I have found creative ways to integrate this process on behalf of my technical product and professional service clients.

NCP stands for Networking - Contribution - Participation. 

Network provides the reach
Contribution is the active engagement and content contribution over such networks
Participation is the positive or negative reflection of the contribution and the actual conversation.
Conversation is the currency in social media.

In this presentation, given and recorded as part of the Social Media Academy's Knowledge Series, we talk about two examples, the social media strategy, approach and NCP strategy based on goals, budget, resources and sometimes, what the customer is ready to do and do well.

Your comments are always welcome if you too are following the NCP Model

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