Friday, February 26, 2010

Law Enforcement's Foursquare Sting Nets 10,000 Burglar Arrests | Social media to the rescue

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BBspot - Law Enforcement's FourSquare Sting Nets 10,000 Burglar Arrests: "Madison, WI - Police working in cooperating with location-based social network FourSquare have arrested over 10,000 burglars across the country.

FourSquare is a service which allows people to 'check-in' when they are out and about using their mobile device. For instance, if a person goes to Starbucks they can 'check-in' and become the 'Mayor of Starbucks' though it does not give them any legislative powers.

The sting was organized by Madison, Wisconsin police captain Sam Goodman. 'It's well known that criminals track FourSquare to know when people are away from their homes. Just look at,' said Goodman."

Note: I checked out Foursquare under a due diligence project. This sure makes me think twice about using it again. For B2B companies this may not be the right tool anyway for many of your goals. Bricks and mortar establishments such as retail and restaurants have a decided advantage to get a piece of the mobile action for promotion, but this article points out the negative side of perhaps an open network, sharing your location, talking about exactly what you are doing.

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