Sunday, April 18, 2010

Social CRM: Not Your Father's CRM -

Social CRM: Not Your Father's CRM - "Don't get confused by the complexities of Social CRM, instead use the following formula: First, monitor where your customers are on social networks, this will help you to define which social networks you'll need to connect with. Secondly, ascertain that your CRM system provider is building the proper connectors to enable these systems to connect this will help with next step of mapping social data with existing CRM records."

Wendy's Note: I think Jeremiah Owyang has provide the right push on this discussion as well as providing a resource in the report "Social CRM 18 Use Cases." The discussion on Social CRM has been flowing wildly at Customer Think (Bob Thompson), Beacon Group Consulting (Denis Pombriant) and Paul Greenberg (56 Group).

Owyang and co-author Ray "R" Wang have provided a free substantive report on Social CRM. This is a virally shared research report to help any business to business (B2B) organization begin to determine what they need their CRM to do with Social.

Although many existing CRM software is beginning integration of Social (i.e. and its "Chatter"), few if any exist that start on the social side and provide a fast, efficient and social interface.

A new SocialCRM has just been introduced and I have been lucky to have been following the company and will start using the tool to evaluate. Its introduced by Xeequa and the product is Check out the free level for social links

Here is the blueprint discussion for how this product will move forward. I plan to blog about my process, trials and tribulations at my business blog