Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Smart phones demand smart privacy and security practices (part 1)

Smart phones demand smart privacy and security practices (part 1): Joe Campana, Madison WI

"Smart phones are pocket PCs. The conventional cell phone evolved into a powerful pocketsize personal computer with a wireless Internet connection over the last decade. Today's smart phones run complete computer operating systems and thousands of applications programs from email and productivity to social networking and gaming. You and your cell phone are subject to greater privacy and security risks than with a home or office PC. Identity theft, viruses and other malware attacks are hazards of using smart phones."

Wendy Note: Joe Campana is the National Examiner for for privacy and identity theft. And he is from Madison, WI. As a highly respected privacy and identity professional and book author, what he says makes an impact on me.  He makes a extremely good case on how we use our wonderful "phones/computer/handbag/roledex/blogtool/social connector", without much protection. I can't wait for Part 2.

How do you use your smart phone? Have you even thought about the implications that Joe mentions?