Wednesday, July 13, 2011

There is SPAM in my social media

Barbara, this post really hit home for me because I am getting slammed with LinkedIn Sales SPAM. Here was the latest - someone sent me a invite with a custom message (seemed fair enough and it was with a company I might want to learn more about), which I accepted with a reply message that I look forward to see his activity on LI. The next day I got an email SPAM sales letter that I ignored since I didn't ask for any of the materials or have the time. The following day I got a phone call from a middle east country with a sales pitch.

This is happening more frequently since the "sales" teams are getting shut down on email.

I hate to see LinkedIn get abused this way. I am going to start build a wall of shame for these sales SPAM emails so I can generate an example post like this! Thanks for reminding everyone on the sales side not to "be that guy."

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Can the Spam

If you’ve ever read a blog post of mine, heard me speak or follow some of my musings on LinkedIn and Twitter, you know that I really hate it when I receive sales spam in my email and/or LinkedIn inbox from people that I do not know. Whether it is a cold call or a cold email, it is still cold.

The effective use of technology presents huge opportunities for the savvy salespeople who get it. These rock stars know that using social media gives them an avenue for building relationships and demonstrating expert credibility BEFORE sales opportunities present themselves. There are however, too many salespeople using technology as a way to send the same boring, boilerplate sales spam to anyone with an email address.

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