Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Everybody loves a fair and social media only makes it better

One great thing I can do to help my local town events, is to balance my knowledge and skill with social media to help them get broader exposure than traditional marketing budgets and time allows.

My favorite
My favorite local event is our 146th Lodi Agricultural Fair. And I love to do a video that might help me share the very special event that it is.

The Fair is a community event with everyone coming out to see the kids show animals, look at the kids and adult exhibits, take in a few carnival rides or games, eat some pie and watch people compete during the animal auction or the now famous pie auction.

The Fair Board has stepped up their technology with online registration and  a Facebook Page.  Likely next they will start tweeting from the ferris wheel!

The Lodi Fair Video
Enjoy my take on this years 146th Lodi Agricultural Fair. Please share your favorite community event in the comments.

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