Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life is Messy – Use Your Words

Life is Messy – Use Your Words by Adrienne Corn: "Here’s my thought on it: Service providers have been facing this very issue from the get-go. A service is intangible. It is only seen once the service is provided. And often, the service being provided is a back office function of some sort. So how are service providers able to sell their services? Do they whine about it and tell the public they MUST pay? Not the good ones. The good ones offer potential customers a solid value proposition, so the customer doesn’t just see blue smoke and mirrors, but can clearly understand how the service will impact their bottom line. The value proposition–a good one–becomes the tangible in an economy of intangibles. And what we all know is this: people will pay for value."

Wendy'sNote: Adrienne Corn is one of my respected Social Media Academy faculty. I enjoy reading her posts that give me a perspective on human talent. In this post she talks about value propositions and ROI of social media. Those of us on the consultant side should read and take note. The last time I got such good advice was reading Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss.

I will take her advice and 5 steps for proposing value in Social Media to heart.

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