Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Photo A Day 2012

Quirky.com and the Pivot Power product 013112Modern Wedding Cake via Bloom Bake Shop 012712Blackberry and Peach Gluten Free Cupcakes 0126122012-01-06 13.10.102012-01-10 10.42.19A Red contrast with an old building 011312
2012-01-17 14.10.372012-01-18 12.18.462012-01-19 07.19.43Mechanics revealed 2012-01-24 12.42.082012-01-28 08.35.45

A Photo A Day 2012, a set on Flickr.

I like to take odd photos through out my day. Some to be used at some future date for a blog. Some to document a wonderful meeting at a local establishment. I thought I would try a photo a day effort to see how long I could do it with my phone.

I am using the Flickr app on my Android and not touching up the photos I post. For this particular effort these are going to be photos that inspire my social business relationships, help me with social capital, move me to think about social product development.

I actually started on 1/31/12 but have almost covered the rest of the month anyway with related pictures. Let the picture taking begin.

Via Flickr:
These are photos of things, people, or situations that inspire my work as a social media strategist. Follow along with the hashtag #photoaday2012

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