Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If you have a brand to promote think Facebook and Twitter

Someone mentioned this latest info and I searched to find some info on it. If people are looking for a Brand - they are turning to Facebook and Twitter first for more immediate and conversational WOM on the topic. This doesn't mean either surpass Google as a search engine (not with 88 billion searches) but it does support the fact that on the average people are spending 5.5 hours each day on social networking sites, so they are searching for things where they spend time. Please take note of this in your business planning and marketing plans.

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2. How do I look on social networks? Increase Social Search Rankings: Facebook and Twitter have become the default search engines for millions of active users who want to see how a brand has been talked about on two of these major social networks. Just to give you a sense of how many searches are made on Twitter: the service racks up around 800 million searches a day, or 24 billion per month. That’s a lot more than Yahoo’s 9.4 billion and Bing’s 4.1 billion. It’s nowhere near Google’s 88 billion, of course, but still, rather impressive. As far as Facebook is concerned, it is now the #1 searched for brand in the U.S. surpassing Google. What that means is that how people find and process information about a brand has fundamentally shifted to social networks becoming the point of search versus Google. Think about it, more and more people are searching for your brand on Twitter and Facebook versus Google so it makes absolute sense to spend your dollars to strengthen your engagement on these two networks in order to increase your social search rankings.

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